A History of Clark's Trading Post by Linda Eisenhart

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Clark’s Trading Post and The White Mountain Central Railroad have been the Gold Standard of roadside attractions in the White Mountains since 1928.  A pictorial history, this 127 page book by Linda Eisenhart uses text and treasured family photographs to trace the history of the Clark family and Clark's Trading Post from its infancy through to the present.  In 1928, Edward and Florence Clark opened a roadside attraction in Lincoln, NH, for visitors to the White Mountains.  Ed Clark's Eskimo Sled Dog Ranch featured guided tours with their purebred Eskimo sled dogs and artifacts from Labrador, Canada.  Three black bears, Soggle, Toggle, and Woggle, joined the family in 1935, and the bears acted as a visual attraction, gaining the attention of curious motorists.  In 1949, the Clark brothers, Ed and Murray, introduced bear shows, delighting guests with humor and hospitality as they entertained and educated audiences.  Generations later, that philosophy lives on as the Clarks offer bear shows, rides on the White Mountain Central Railroad, family entertainment and good, honest fun.  All photographs used in the book are from the Clark family archives.
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