Moxie Baseball Cap

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Originally called "Moxie Nerve Food" this patent medicine tonic boasted to cure nervous over-worked men and run-down women. Moxie promised to cure whatever ailed you.   It eventually emerged from being sold as a remedy and became a refreshment.   A product of New England,  today it is the state drink of Maine.   Clark's has an extensive collection of Moxie memorabilia and artifacts assembled in our Americana Museum.  Described as "distinctly different", one has the opportunity to sample Moxie at the Clark's Peppermint Saloon.

Be sure to check out the book on Moxie located in the book section of our shopping site.

 Moxie Baseball Cap.  100% Cotton.  One size, adjustable strap in back.

Black with Moxie logo embroidered in orange.